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1. What is advantage of EPAC compare with traditional bicycles?

EPAC bring more advantages as below:
1. Enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle - except for hills, starts, and headwinds.
2. Prefer their local errands to be easy, hassle free and low cost.
3. Like to save money and protect the environment.
4. Look for extra chances to exercise - even if it's just a little. In fact, riding an e-bike can increase your fitness. You can ride to work without difficulty. You still have to exercise
5. Still need convenient, point-to-point transportation using safe traffic free bike lanes we have all paid for but rarely use!
6. Want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts. No traffic congestion
7. Considered a gas-powered moped or small motorcycle, but dislike the noise, smell, safety issues, starting problems and special laws.
8. Riding an electric bike doesn't mean you're lazy. You are a smart educated consumer reducing air pollution and having fun doing it.
9. Because you can be assisted when going uphill, you do not need to spend excessive energy, you feel less tired and your body continues to operate in your optimum aerobic zone.
10. Enjoy your ride and use the assist when you feel like it. They are not motor bike they require input from rider and motor to operate effectively.
11. With a conventional bicycle, many people exceed their aerobic zone when riding uphill then feel completely drained and are unable to enjoy the ride.
12. Can ride work in a suite or work clothes.

2. Who is main user for EPAC?

Due to power assisted feature, EPAC is more popular for aged people. With development, more and more fashion design and functionality model appear, EPAC is become popular, not only aged people like it, become acceptable for young people.

3. Is there any regulations about EPAC in Europe ?

EN15194 is main regulations in Europe about EPAC product.EN15194 is main focus on EMC testing, Bicycles and relate parts safety requirements, Common Safety Test, battery requirements, marking and User manual. The main requirement for EPAC: voltage should below 48v, motor no more than 250w,of which the output is progressively reduced and finally cut off as the vehicle reaches a speed of 25km/h. Only when the cyclist pedals, does the motor assist

4. How long need to fully recharge the EPAC's battery from flat?

Around 4 to 6 hours from a completely flat battery to fully charged

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