1. How to deal with simple trouble shooting?

Problem Check Action
Low speed Battery power Charging
Type Pressure Inflate the tyre
Is tire flat Repair the tyre
Overload Do not overload
The motor is not working Every plug Ensure every plug is connected. If the situation does not improve, please contact with the dealer
Power indicator light does not shine
Power indication of battery is on, but the bike doesn’t work Loose wiring or connection Check wiring and connection, particularly brake connections, please contact with the dealer
On shorter distance Is the battery fully charged Charge fully
Whether the battery need replacing Replace the battery. At 20℃,after fully charged, discharge current 5. A short than 50minutes to determine the battery life is up

2. What are the running costs?

Running costs will depending on the speed, terrain, tyre pressures, hills , battery capacity and type, riders weight, weight of luggage carried etc., but as a general indication around 5-10 cents a day!

3. Do I need to pedal?

Only if you want to—the choice is yours. However, battery power together with pedal power is the recommended combination for most effective operation; In any case pedal assistance will be required to maintain your speed on hills.

4. How fast will my bike go?

The speed would depend on several factors, for example, tyrepressure; weight of rider, wind resistance, battery condition, amount of pedal assistance given, A rough guide though is around 25km/h unassisted, and faster than that depending on how fast you can pedal!

5. What is the warranty?

We offer two years limited warranty from the date of purchase against faults arising due to defects in manufacture or materials on the bicycle frame, including seat post and frame welds, and hub motor.

This warranty does not extend to items which may need replacement due to normal wear and tear(tyres, bulbs, seats, handgrips, brake pads, fuses, brushes brake cables etc.) it also does not extend to items damaged due to inappropriate use of the vehicle. Batteries are covered by a six (6) months warranty from the original manufacture—please note that gradual deterioration due to being left in a discharged state, misuse, or worn out through very heavy use is not covered.

6. How often will my electro bike need servicing?

We recommend a full service every two years understand normal use.

7. What happens if the battery goes flat while I’m riding?

Simply ride the electric bicycle as a normal bicycle

8. What lifespan can I expect from my bike battery?

Sealed lead acid batteries are good for around 500 full discharge cycle and Li-ion are rated for approximately 500. This means you would need to replace batteries after 2 years of average daily use.

9. How far can I travel on one charge?

The distance travelled would vary depending on several factors, for example, the numble of hill climbed, tyre pressure, and weight of rider, wind resistance, speed, and amount of pedal assistance given. A rough guide though is anywhere between 35 and 55kms.

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