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1. The comprehensive comparison of the performance about three kinds of lithium battery (Li-Mn, Lithium-Polymer, lithium iron phosphate)

a. Lithium Manganese oxide (Li-Mn), with nominal voltage of 3,6 V per cell Performs well at low temperatures, and good safety record
b. Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po), with a nominal voltage of 3,3 to 3,6 V per cell significant advantages in packing design/form and in high power applications, BUT: limited availability and high costs (considered as specialist battery)
c. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFE) with a nominal voltage of 3,3 V per cell considered the safest of Li-ion family with considerable thermal and electrical stability, BUT: lower nominal voltage, energy densities and higher production cost than the above two.

2. What is general life time of lithium battery

Li-ion battery lifetime depends on battery chemistry, depth of discharge, battery temperature and battery capacity termination level. Under good maintain Lifetime is above 800 times.

3. How to maintain the lithium battery in order extent the life time?

a. Using original charger
b. Do not use or save battery in extreme temperatures (Above 35℃ or below 4℃).
c. Keeping Lithium Ion batteries topped up regularly after use and never left for long periods of time without a top-up charge.
d. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, do not charge battery until battery completely flat.

4. what factors influence the battery last for?

Max range of battery last for depends on few factors. Firstly, the capacity of battery is most important. How much effort you put in yourself, which PAS level you choose, and road condition and loading weight those kindly of external factor have a combined effect on range.

5. What is advantage of Inner derailleur system compare with ext derailleur system?

a. Sealed, maintenance-free.
b. Using more wide gear, performance stable and long lifetime.

6. Why the charger become hot, when it is changer the battery?

It is normal phenomenon. When the changer's working, due to normal wear, some electrical power convert to heat energy, caused the changer get hot.

7. What is common fault of EPAC? How to clearing of those fault

a. Brake is Brake insensitive. -You have to check the brake pad and wire, is it need adjust or replace.
b. No response or big noise from chain when shifter the derailleur.-Checking and adjusting the long of shift cables.
c. No assisted power.
 1).If displayer is totally not working, please check about battery, is it in right position.
 2) If displayer is working, the power is full, please check about the interface of motor.
 3) If the interface of motor is working, power is full, please check about light in sensor if flicker when keeping pedal. If not, the sensor is brake.

9. What preparation and attentions should you care after purchase a EPAC

Due to EPAC is different with traditional bikes, the user should read user manual carefully, specifically the electrical parts in order to know how to use and maintain it.

10. Why there is no assisted power, when displayer showing the battery still have less power

The battery power indicator is measure the battery power base on the voltage. When indicator shows less power, the voltage of battery may already below than motor's working volt.

11. Why the battery power indicator shows the power is full, but some time suddenly becomes less, when riding the bike?

When Climbing, the battery burden more, current become larger, the motor's power is constant. Output voltage becomes lower. The battery power indicator is measure the battery power base on the voltage. Therefore, indicator will suddenly show the power is low and return back when the road becomes flat.

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