What is the charging method for electric bicycles

 2021-02-09 | View:978

1. Insert the square or round end of the electric bicycle charger into the charging port of the electric bicycle, and then insert the 220V plug into the power source.

2. Since the battery life is the same as other rechargeable batteries, it is necessary to control the number of charging as much as possible.

3. Generally, when the battery capacity reaches about 30%, the battery must be charged, and the battery must be fully charged once, and then used again.

electric bicycles

4. For long-term use, the electric bicycle should be deeply discharged after 1 to 2 months, and the battery should be charged about 20%.

5. Each charging time should not exceed 10 hours to prevent overcharging and deformation of the battery. The storage effect of the deformed battery is not as good as the normal battery.

6. If you do not use the electric bicycle for a long time, you must first charge it fully, then charge it every time you use it, and then try to fully charge it.

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