What is the safe use of Chinese electric motorcycle?

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Spontaneous combustion of Chinese electric motorcycle is usually caused by a short circuit in the battery circuit. Especially in summer, the temperature is high, if the electric car is driven for a long time or charged immediately after exposure, it is easy to increase the temperature of the line, the motor heating, serious even cause battery cracking or deformation, thus causing circuit failure. In addition, aging charging wires, long charging time, battery life, and damage to the cooling fan in the charger are all possible causes of spontaneous combustion of Chinese electric motorcycles.

combustion of Chinese electric motorcycle

Generally speaking, electric motorcycle china is powered by batteries, and their internal circuits are complex. Due to improper use, lack of maintenance and aging of internal circuit wires after a long time of use, it is likely to cause spontaneous combustion when electric bikes are heated and short circuit occurs. But in general, short-circuit protection has been done in the process of electric vehicle circuit design.

In the purchase of Chinese electric motorcycle should choose the product reputation of the ebike manufacturers in China, in the process of use, pay attention to the instructions to charge the battery. If the power supply voltage and current are too large, or the charger does not match, the battery may explode in the charging process. In the process of use, we should often pay attention to the maintenance of the circuit circuit, to prevent the aging of the wire to induce short circuit, spontaneous combustion and other accidents.

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