Debugging and maintenance of electric three wheel motorcycle

 2022-09-15 | View:984

(1) Electric three wheel motorcycle full commissioning, check the electrical control lines have trouble, electrical wiring has broken if there should be on-site exclusion;

(2) Adjust the front and rear brakes of the electric three wheel motorcycle to ensure that the brakes are flexible and reliable;

(3) Whether the steering of the handlebars is reliable and whether there exists the phenomenon of the handlebars sliding with the front fork;

(4) Regular battery check (check once a month in summer and once every 2-3 months in winter) whether the battery level is below the marked line, if the electrode plate is exposed, it is necessary to add distilled water in time. (note that does not add acid, because each battery factory has been adjusted according to the ratio of electrolyte concentration, adding acid will destroy the existing ph balance, resulting in plate corrosion, affecting battery life.


(5) Pay attention to adding gear oil to the rear axle gearbox at the first use, and check the rear axle gearbox regularly for oil leakage, seal breakage, lack of lubricating oil phenomenon, replace the seal in time, supplement the lubricating oil.

(6) Gearbox, motor sprocket, chain timing add lubricating oil, such as serious wear should be replaced in time, so as not to affect the use.

(7) Electric three wheel motorcycle bolts should be fastened regularly, check for looseness and shedding, and applied with proper antirust fluid to avoid rusting of the bolts causing difficulties in maintenance during the life cycle.

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