LVNENG has been invited for the fifth time to participate in the Milan Exhibition (EICMA), showcasing the strength of China's intelligent manufacturing.

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On November 7th, the grand global event of the two-wheeler industry the 80th EICMA International Motorcycle Show, was held in Milan, Italy, known as the worlds capital of design. The exhibition attracted well-known two-wheeler companies from around the world to showcase cutting-edge technology and high-end products.


As a "old friend" of the Milan exhibition, LVNENG was invited for the fifth time, showcasing popular self-owned products NCE, NCF, NCS, ACE, as well as the new products NCV and NCL.


The debut of the new products attracted attention.

At last year's Milan exhibition, LVNENG presented a series of self-owned new products such as NCE, NCF, and ACE, which attracted a lot of user attention and favor. This year, after a year of effort and upgrading by the R&D team, the new products NCV and NCL also brought different surprises to overseas users!

The new NCV is designed to have high appearance, high configuration, and strong power. In terms of power, NCV uses a 12kw ultra-powerful mid-mounted motor with a top speed of 100km/h. In terms of endurance, it is equipped with double 74V28Ah lithium batteries, ensuring worry-free long-distance riding.


In the context of the increasing electrification of global travel and global carbon neutrality, the national electric vehicle industry with unique oriental elements has attracted worldwide attention. With its rich experience and professional technical R&D team, LVNENG has won the favor of the international market. It not only demonstrates the brand's own innovation capabilities and technical level but also showcases the strength and innovation capabilities of Chinese enterprises to the world. In the future, LVNENG will continue to delve into the research and development of more independent new products, leading global users to enjoy the beautiful travel from Chinese manufacturing!


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