Introduction to the performance of high quality electric motorcycles

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With the expansion of market demand, the types of electric motorcycles are becoming more and more abundant, and the performance is becoming more and more perfect and superior. EEC electric motorcycles are the product of this change. As the name suggests, the climbing performance of this type of electric motorcycle will be more superior, so what factors bring these advantages? What kind of configuration can form a high-quality electric motorcycle? In the following content, we will introduce them one by one.

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Configuration 1: High efficiency motor

A high-quality electric motorcycle must have an efficient motor. This part is a very important part to match the battery. Their efficiency will directly affect the power of electric motorcycles. If the electric motor is overheated when the electric motorcycle is under load or climbing, it means that the rated power of the electric motorcycle is too small and the battery is discharged too much, which will cause the temperature of the electric motorcycle to rise. Therefore, high-quality electric motorcycles must have efficient motors.

Configuration 2: Anti-skid vacuum tires

In order to be able to climb smoothly, the performance of the tire is also very important. The vacuum tire mentioned here is like the tire on a car. This tire has no inner tube and has a layer of high-quality rubber on the surface. After inflation, the surface tension increases and a certain pressure is formed on the inner surface, which improves the self-sealing ability against rupture. . Therefore, anti-skid vacuum tires also play a decisive role in the climbing performance of electric motorcycles.

Configuration 3: large capacity battery

As we all know, if the battery capacity of an electric motorcycle is small, the battery can easily be fully charged and exhausted over time, resulting in insufficient power of the electric motorcycle when climbing. It can be seen that large-capacity batteries play a decisive role in the durability of electric motorcycles.

Above, we introduced the characteristics of high quality eec electric motorcycles from three aspects: motor, tire and battery. I believe that only by doing the above three points can electric motorcycles have better performance and serve us better.

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