In 2021, the export of Chinese electric motorcycle parts industry will continue to develop

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In 2020, Chinese electric motorcycle will seize the opportunity of effective epidemic prevention and control and the rapid recovery of the industrial chain to seize the international market and promote the sustained growth of the overall export of the industry. Liu Aoke, senior manager of the Exhibition Department of The China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, predicted that the total output of motorcycles in China in 2021 will be basically the same or slightly increase like that in 2020, and the pace of high-quality development of the industry will continue to advance. Chinese motorcycle export enterprises should consolidate traditional markets, explore emerging markets, continue to deeply cultivate the Belt and Road market, seize the new opportunities brought by RCEP, and further expand export market share.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, in 2020, the cumulative import and export volume of Chinese electric motorcycle products was 5.7 billion US dollars, up 10.3% year on year; the export volume of motorcycle vehicles was 5.0.1 billion US dollars, up 4.2% year on year; the import volume of motorcycle vehicle was 690 million US dollars, up 93.8% year on year.Data show that in 2020, except for the exports to Asia slightly decreased (-6.5%) by 6.52%, exports to the other five continents have increased year-on-year. The largest increase in North America was 69.2%. Exports to Africa accounted for the highest 32.3%. In terms of export volume, the export volume of motorcycles with displacement less than or equal to 250ml accounts for the proportion of the total.

In the past, Chinese electric motorcycles were mainly exported to Africa, Latin America, and Asian countries. However, from the export market distribution in 2020, the export to developed countries accelerated, with the export to North American countries increasing by 69.2% and the export to Oceanian countries increasing by 42.6%. In terms of exporting countries, In 2020, Mexico was the largest market for China's motorcycle exports, with 1.003 million units exported and 400 million US dollars exported. It is worth noting that among the top 10 export destinations, the number of exports to the United States increased the most, doubling 105.8 percent to 495,000.

Data show that in 2020, The export of Chinese electric motorcycle parts reached $550 million, with a year-on-year growth of 42.5%. The export to Asia accounted for 44.8% of the total export of parts, and the export to Africa accounted for 31.3%.

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"During the epidemic, offline is no longer the only way to sell products, and new types of online consumption are bursting with great potential." Experts said that from March 2020, backbone enterprises in the industry have adopted a new online retail model to promote consumption: "live delivery", online sales, seems to be an emergency move, but this way proved the feasibility of online marketing, online consumption may become a new engine for economic growth of the industry. The consumption upgrade makes the scale of the Chinese electric motorcycle market expand rapidly. Different from the traffic attribute of small displacement, with the upgrading of consumption and the transition from mass consumption to quality consumption and personalized consumption, the trend of domestic motorcycle consumption is changing from small displacement too large displacement. "In recent years, China's motorcycle consumption has stepped into a stage of high quality, and personalized consumption has surged, driving the demand for large-displacement motorcycles to increase. "The rise of large displacement motorcycles has also driven the sales of peripheral products, and the demand for motorcycle clothing and travel necessities has increased simultaneously." "Liu said.

On the international stage, the Chinese electric motorcycle is expected to become the next "highland" of competition between industries. The new national standard in the top speed, vehicle weight, driving qualification, driving lanes, and other aspects of the electric bicycle and electric motorcycle clear difference, is expected to affect the development trend of the two types of products, the electric motorcycle is expected to upgrade to the high-end direction of consumption, scientific and technological change.

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